Experimental and Applied Research in Health Care Technologies (TecCare)

The UICISA: E development strategic axis for experimental and applied research in health care technologies (TecCare) aims to increase research in healthcare technologies in order to promote laboratory intensity. The continuous promotion of innovation in healthcare is ensured by bringing together and coordinating academia, clinical contexts, technological and industrial partners, health professionals, and the population.  The collaboration and coordination with the ESEnfC Entrepreneurship Office are also crucial to the achievement of the intended objectives.


  • To develop and implement methodologies that meet European requirements (Parliament Regulation 2017/745, regarding medical devices);
  • To identify new areas of research, and establish relevant networks of stakeholders and end-users;
  • To support and monitor health technology innovation projects, including the submission to national and international funding opportunities;
  • To conduct translational research, including clinical research on medical devices, 3D prototyping, usability and preclinical studies;
  • To improve the technological readiness and industrial property levels of medical devices (including proofs of concepts, prototypes, utility models, and patents);
  • To provide mentorship to graduate and undergraduate students from multidisciplinary areas;
  •  To offer training on the requirements for medical device clinical research and good clinical practices.