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João Luís Alves Apóstolo

Scientific Coordinator



The success of UICISA: E is based on effective teamwork developed by highly qualified researchers, administrative staff, and research fellows. The UICISA: E research team consists of 120 integrated Ph.D. holders, 47 collaborators, and 41 Ph.D. students supervised by UICISA: E integrated Ph.D. holders. The researchers come from 29 educational and health institutions in Portugal, including the UICISA: E main managing institution and five clusters. 

UICISA: E legal bodies

The managing bodies are: Scientific Coordinator; Scientific Committee; Scientific Board; Administrative Committee; and External Advisory Board (EAB).

External Advisory Committee

According to the Judicial Regulation of Scientific Research Institutions (Decree Law no. 125/99) and the Regulation of the Pluriannual Funding of R&D Units, units must establish a permanent External Advisory Committee (EAC), consisting of persons of recognized merit, including foreign researchers.
 In order to comply with this requirement, the UICISA: E Regulation refers to the External Advisory Committee, which is composed of five Ph.D. researchers, including foreign researchers. This committee is responsible for analyzing the functioning of the unit and therefore should provide a written opinion on the unit’s annual plan and activity report.