Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee (EC) of the Health Sciences Research Unit: Nursing (UICISA: E) of the Nursing School of Coimbra (ESEnfC) was established in 2010 to ensure compliance with ethical standards in all research conducted at UICISA: E and comment on ethical issues raised by ESEnfC.

The EC is comprised of seven members, five of whom are external to ESEnfC:

  • Filomena Botelho, President
  • Rogério Rodrigues, Vice President
  • Margarida Abrantes
  • Sofia Nunes
  • Marília Neves
  • Carla Barbosa
  • Rui Cruz 

Please find below instructions for submitting an internal opinion request to this Ethics Committee.

  • Download the form to fill in electronically (signature only needs to be handwritten or digital);
  • Save the signed form along with the other requested documents (in the order shown on the form) in a single PDF file;
  • Submit your request, along with the PDF file, to, addressed to the President of the EC.

The Ethics Committee convenes on a monthly basis. At each meeting, the Committee reviews and analyzes requests submitted by the last day of the previous month.

National Council of Ethics for the Life Sciences’ Recommendation on Scientific Research Integrity, feb. 2018