Extension and Citizen Involvement

Extension and citizen involvement is a strategic axis of UICISA: E that is dedicated to the active participation of citizens in scientific activities and technological development. It aims to promote research that is more relevant and better adapted to the real needs of society by encouraging the active involvement and participation of citizens (whether they are users or not) in discussions and processes related to scientific research and technological development.


To create an environment that encourages citizens to get involved so that they can actively contribute to the research projects developed by UICISA: E.


  • To implement protocols for the involvement of citizens in research design/research projects;
  • To define processes and protocols for the development of the UICISA: E / ESEnfC Citizen/End-User Center (CCE)
  • To provide mentorship to research teams wishing to integrate citizen science approaches into their projects;
  • To monitor the involvement of citizens/end-users in the process and outcomes of UICISA: E research projects;
  • To transfer the generated scientific knowledge to society (in partnership with the Extension Unit);
  • To develop innovative social intervention activities based on the best available evidence;
  • To measure the impact of the knowledge, products, or services produced by UICISA: E on the processes and outcomes of extension;
  • To contribute to the discussion of ethical-legal challenges in the field of citizen science.