Researchers’ Training and Pedagogical Innovation

The UICISA: E strategic axis for researchers’ training and pedagogical innovation aims to promote the training of researchers, from initiation to advanced research, through the development and implementation of innovative pedagogical strategies.

The principal investigators of research projects are available to host students, including international students (from initiation to advanced research) through research rotations. The students are supervised according to an individual research work plan and can receive (upon application) research grants to facilitate the development of their research work plan. The UICISA: E is also committed to integrating early career researchers into permanent career positions.


  • To organize and carry out training activities for researchers, from initiation to advanced research, using innovative pedagogical strategies;
  • To train and integrate researchers, from initiation to advanced research, in research projects;
  • To promote the exchange of experience, knowledge, and skills by having  researchers with different levels of training,  from graduate to postdoctoral, in the same project.