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In Thematic Line 3 (TL3), the research and knowledge translation is coordinated and given direction on well-being and health promotion, considering the One Health approach.

The TL3 encompasses a range of studies, including those examining health determinants, the prevention of communicable diseases, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and prevention of risk behaviors, active and healthy aging, the promotion of mental health, migration and human mobility, and gender, health, and development.

TL3 projects aim to investigate and transfer knowledge about:

− Health determinants, such as biological, environmental, behavioral, demographic-social, and economic factors, as well as those related to the healthcare system and healthcare provision;

− The prevention of communicable diseases, through research on effective strategies for preventing diseases, in particular sexually transmitted infections and zoonoses;

− The promotion of healthy lifestyles (healthy eating, physical activity, sleep) and prevention of risk behaviors, by understanding the patterns of human behavior related to health and identifying and preventing risk factors that impact physical and mental well-being and health;

− Active and healthy aging, including the study of strategies to promote health and well-being, autonomy, and independent living during the aging process. Among these strategies are those designed to ensure that older adults remain safely in their homes and communities for as long as possible, with the functional capacity to live independently and with quality of life (aging in place);

− Mental health promotion, namely by studying interventions to promote mental health literacy, reduce stigma, improve access to mental health services, prevent suicidal behavior, and prevent substance and non-substance addictions;

− Migration and human mobility, investigating the issues of global health, healthcare access, and social inclusion of migrant populations and minority groups to promote culturally sensitive nursing care.

− Gender, health, and development, including the study of gender as a social determinant and influencer of human development and people's health-disease processes, namely how gender influences sexual and reproductive health, violence, and transition processes. It also includes the study of reproductive and perinatal health, namely physiological and psychosocial adjustments from the prenatal to the postnatal period related to the transition and exercise of parenthood and grand-parenthood.

TL3 research aims to contribute to advancing nursing and health care through the production and application of knowledge that promotes the health of people, animals, and the environment in a combined manner, by the motivation healthy choices and reduce the factors contributing to diseases and chronic conditions.


Ageing, Health And Citizenship: Citizenship And Promotion Of The Autonomy And Independence Of The Elderly And Their Caregivers

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