Manuela Frederico



In Thematic Line 4 (TL4), the research and knowledge translation is coordinated and given direction as far as nursing practice environments are concerned. The TL4 encompasses healthcare systems, organization, models, and management; patient safety and quality of healthcare; patient/client satisfaction; health and well-being of health professionals; nurse-sensitive outcomes; and healthcare-applied technologies.

TL4 projects aim to investigate and transfer knowledge about:

− The analysis of different nursing practice environments, including their organization, functioning, and impact on patient/client satisfaction, the health and well-being of health professionals, and nurse-sensitive outcomes. This covers the study of healthcare management models, teamwork, workflows, and the use of technology to support healthcare processes. By gaining a deeper insight into the structure and functioning of practice environments, it becomes possible to identify potential avenues for enhancement and implement interventions that facilitate effective and safe care;

− Integrated and person-centered care models, which include research on communication and relationships. Person-centered care models are approaches to healthcare that prioritize the individual's preferences, values, and needs in the delivery of humanized care. These models emphasize collaboration between healthcare providers and patients, with a focus on fostering a therapeutic relationship, shared decision-making, and holistic support;

− Safety culture and quality assurance in healthcare. Research in safety culture and quality assurance in healthcare aims to identify effective strategies for preventing medical errors, improving patient outcomes, and promoting a culture of continuous learning and improvement within healthcare organizations;

− Healthcare-applied technologies. This includes the study and development of medical devices, other healthcare technologies, and technical procedures, aiming to improve care quality.

TL4 research aims to contribute to advancing nursing and health care through the production and application of knowledge that promotes safe, efficient, and humanized practice environments. Additionally, it aims to develop technical procedures and care technologies that guarantee quality and effectiveness, benefiting both patients/ users and health professionals.